„Scriem istoria ta” (We Write Your History) is a project dedicated to on demand consulting, researching and writing of „microhistories” about people, places, communities, companies and events from the past of Romania. We do historical and genealogical research at the National Archives, libraries and other keepers of old documents and publications. The results can have the form of a book, article or research report, depending on your choice and on the potential of the subject.

We rigorously search through old documents, newspapers, magazines, memoirs, specialized books and other sources to find the information you need. We can help you find data about your ancestors that lived in Romania or advice you before researching on your own.

Genealogical research is made difficult by the lack of infrastructure that should make it easier to travel from one area to another. Therefore, „Scriem istoria ta” (We Write Your History) focuses on the southeastern half of Romania, accessible for trips from Bucharest: Muntenia, eastern Oltenia, southeastern Transylvania, southern Moldova and Dobrogea. The accessible counties are marked in green on the map below: Ilfov, Dâmbovița, Prahova, Buzău, Brăila, Ialomița, Călărași, Giurgiu, Teleorman, Argeș, Olt, Dolj, Vâlcea, Sibiu, Brașov, Covasna, Harghita, Bacău, Vaslui , Vrancea, Galați, Tulcea and Constanța.

To travel to the counties marked in pink, the transport will be done by plane, so you will bear higher costs. The counties marked in red are even harder to reach, with the journey to be made by plane and then by train or bus. For the pink and red areas on the adjacent map, we advise you to look for researchers who live nearby.

The founder and coordinator of the project is Andrei Popescu, an independent researcher, doctor of history (Ph.D.) and author of seven published books, plus many other studies or articles. He was named „The Researcher of the Year” by the Romanian National Archives for two consecutive years (2019 and 2020) „for the contributions to the valorisation of the documents kept by the National Archives of Romania„. Specializing in the modern history of Romania (18th-20th centuries), his research focuses mainly on the following segments: political elites, biographies, micro-histories and genealogies. He has an experience of a decade and a half in researching documents from the collections of the National Archives in about 30 of the 42 counties of Romania, large libraries and other similar institutions. You can follow him on Facebook or other social media.

You can contact us for historical or genealogical research, expert advice and other related services via e-mail (scriem.istoria.ta@gmail.com) or by using the following form: